My favorite season captured best in Eastern Market | Washington, D.C.

My favorite season captured best in Eastern Market | Washington, D.C.

With an unexpectedly quick transition to Florida, Ashley worked on educational videos with marine scientists. Working with the Ocean Research & Conservation Association, Inc. (ORCA), she oversaw the design and video production of multimedia content deepening the connection between the public and Florida's marine ecosystem. She worked to digitize the importance of Florida's coastal waters through a National Science Foundation project as COSEE Florida's Communications and Digital Media Coordinator alongside a partnership with Indian River State College, Smithsonian Marine Station, and Florida Institute of Technology.

Taking on a role with Smithsonian Institution's Office of Public Affairs in Washington, D.C., in the first series of digital content for the Seriously Amazing branding campaign she piloted more than 20 promotional videos in Art, Culture, Science, and History. Formerly a Gilman scholar, she had the opportunity to study and travel in Costa Rica, while being exposed to the cultural and social dynamics of Panamá and Nicaragua.

A graduate of California State University Northridge she holds degrees in Journalism with an emphasis in Broadcast and Central American Studies. Her involvement with diverse organizations and news content throughout the year earned Ashley the 2012 Hearst Outstanding News Journalism Award and recognition from the California Senate.  Ashley is currently pursuing her MFA in Film and Media Arts at American University with a concentration in Environmental Filmmaking.

Among the professional and scholastic achievements her story interests include critical and in-depth reporting of educational, political, environmental, and social trends of underrepresented communities. 

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